Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marathon Blues

So I think this whole idea of running a full marathon is already starting to take a toll on my legs. I think they are starting to freak out. We (my legs and I) ran twice this weekend - a short easy run on Saturday and a long 8 miler on Sunday. My shins are starting to have short spasms and the bottom of my feet are really sore. I keep telling them that 8 miles is nothing and they have so much more in front of them so they should just suck it up and deal, but they aren't listening. I guess that's what I get for trying to talk to them in the first place. I want to just ignore them, but they are kind of a key point in me reaching my goals this year. I let them take yesterday off and today we are just going to get in some quality time on the bike. They'll like that.

I guess some of it is my fault though. After stretching and a short ice bath Sunday after the 8 miler, I immediately went and stood in line outside for 4 1/2 hours. My bad. I really didn't think I'd have to stand for that long. I should have sat on the ground more. I should have put on sunscreen. I should have been at home with my feet propped up on the couch. But no, I was being a good, supportive wife. I stood in line with Hubby that whole time so he could see the World Cup trophy. He knows he owes me for it. For the exhausted legs, the insane sunburn on my chest and back, and the misery from those two that has consumed me the last two days (and it's probably not over). So I guess I can't blame my legs too much.

I will rest them this week, but maybe I'll race them this weekend. Not an actual organized race or anything, but maybe a race against myself. I think they'll be up to it by then. Plus, I haven't had a chance to photograph my new gadgets that I got last week. I need to show them off!

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