Thursday, May 12, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. I must be crazy. I just signed up for a 10-day sugar free challenge! Oh, help my husband who will have to live with me during that time! See the side bar for more information about the challenge - and do it with me so I won't be miserable alone! Misery loves company :)

2. I didn't get my crossfit workout in yesterday. Turns out I had tons of errands to do before the weekend and it started raining. I did lift plenty of heavy boxes full of beer, so that should count as something!

3. My next half is finally on the calender - Rock N Roll San Antonio in November! It'll be an excellent girl's trip and I can't wait. (But, I definately need a few 13.1s before then!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Building Strength and Smelly Workouts

I'm starting a new workout regime. Well, not too new, but challenging myself to be stronger so that I can get FASTER. I took a look at all the races I've done since I started running (check out if you haven't already) and realized I haven't done a 5k in almost 2 years. Woa! Turns out, I really do like the longer distances better and have been racking up in the 10k and half marathon departments. So it's time for another 5k. The goal: Heights 5k Run, June 4th.

The plan: Back to boot camp at least 3x a week. I'm cheap and don't want to pay for a boot camp, so I'm starting my own. Monday night I went out to the park next to my house and did 30 minutes worth of circuits that we used to do in boot camp over the winter. I finished off with a one mile jog to cool down. I thought at the time that the workout was easy, but 2 days later I'm still feeling it!

Yesterday I hit up the BON running club for what I wanted to be an easy 2 loop run. At the end of the first loop though, my legs were screaming and I called it quits with 3 miles. I can't complain, but I really wanted to get in 6 miles. What I do want to complain about though? My Providence race shirt. It's a men's fit, but actually fits fairly well (not like my RnR Mardi Gras). However, it SMELLS. It smells like rotten, burning eggs. So much so that when I picked it up at the expo, I refused to try it on. I wouldn't even wear it after the race with my medal like I usually do. I came home from the trip and washed the shirt twice. I put it on yesterday after work and headed to BON and I could smell it on myself. Even my sweat after the run did not mask the stink of the shirt! I like the shirt and really want to wear it especially since I'm so proud of my performance during the race - but how do I get rid of the smell??

On today's plate: Crossfit. Oh, help me now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Providence Half Marathon

This weekend was Half Marathon #8 that almost wasn't. My poor little doggy had back surgery the week before and our trip almost had to be cancelled. Luckily everything worked out in our favor and we still got to make the trip to Providence to visit friends and for me to run my first race after turning 29.  I really wanted to rock this race, but my workouts haven't been the greatest lately. I was starting to get back on track until the doggy got sick and I had to put running aside for several days to take care of him.

I decided on the trip up to Rhode Island that I would just run for the fun of it. Our friends live outside of the city in Warwick, so I hadn't seen that much of Providence before. It would be a great sightseeing race. I didn't really worry about carb loading or cutting back on drinking or anything else I would have normally done before a race. I even stayed up until midnight Saturday night!

Sunday morning, I woke before the alarm and started my routine. I even left the house earlier than planned and started the 15 minute trek to Providence. I found street parking downtown, finished my Click protein drink and ditched my sweats before walking to the start. It was cold and sunny, so I knew I'd warm up fast once the race started.

Since I just planned on running and not really racing, I lined up in the middle of the 9 minute group. For the first time in any race I've done, everyone lined up correctly! I never saw anyone walking except for on a few of the hills. It was so nice not to do any dodging! After the first mile, I looked down at my Garmin and noticed I'd completed it in 8:46 - really fast for the first mile. But I thought, I feel really good - why not run how I feel and just ignore the Garmin? So I did. I didn't look at my watch again until mile 6, which was under 55 minutes.

I felt great! I just ran on feel and nothing else. I took one GU at mile 7 and a Powerbar Gel (yuck!) at mile 11. The hills were not as challenging as I expected, just long. There were two that were really steep, but short. I never walked once during this race. I started with a water bottle in hand that I carried and sipped from until mile 8 when I threw it away. After that, I stole sips from the water stations, but refused to walk for them. I always walk through water stations, so this was new to me.

My cheerleaders (Hubby and our two friends) we right before the 12 mile mark, but weren't expecting me so early so the camera wasn't ready.

I started to get pretty fatigued after mile 11. I knew I could finish, but my legs were getting really tired. I flipped through songs on my Shuffle searching for something that would power me through. I finally gave up and settled on something Destiny's Child. I really need to work on my running playlists! Right before I turned the corner to see the finish line, "Taking Care of Business" came on - how appropriate.

The last .1 mile was uphill to the finish. I could hear the announcer telling the runners at the bottom of the hill that the clock just hit 1:56. What!? I charged up the hill and crossed the finish line - nothing but smiles on my face!

Final time: 1:56:34
Average Pace: 8:54

Me, Hubby and the Rhodies - it was their first spectating experience!

I might be a year older, but I just crushed my PR!

It almost feels like a dream, like it never happened, but then I look at the awesome medal and smile all over again!