Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If I run 4 miles every day for the rest of the week, I can hit my 20 mile goal. Do it Do it Do it!

(That's what's going on inside my head right now while I'm sitting at work pouting about missing the last remnants of daylight.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

13.1 Pics

I finally got my camera back so I could post pictures from the half marathon.

First, my stats from the race website:

Those stats just completely excite me. Although after telling my coworker how I did in the race, he immediately started calculating and decided I could beat 1:55 if there weren't so many runners crowding the streets. Leave it to an engineer to play with the numbers and say I could do better. Whatever Coworker, I'm still going to relish in this victory. I'm not aiming for anything faster (yet).

This is at Mile 10. I'm pumped and ready to finish. That's me high-fiving the Hubby so I didn't have to stop.

And at the finish! I even had my picture taken for the local paper and it was posted online.

Week 3

New Year's resolutions never go as planned. I hit the first week just fine, but races sure do get in the way. (So does work, but I'm trying not to complain.) Week 2 I was just shy of my 20 mile goal -by 4 miles I think. But after rocking my half marathon, I don't really care. Week 3 I was way too sore to really get any runs in. (By the way, what's the appropriate amount of time to wait after a hard race before you get a massage? I've heard 48 hours...)

My totals for week 3: 5.3 miles.

Which I'm not complaining about. That run on Friday night around the Heights felt great. I was only going out for 3 miles, but I didn't want to quit. It was effortless and the temperatures were perfect. The only thing that made me quit after 5 miles was the chaffing on my legs. I hadn't worn shorts in so long, I forgot the Body Glide. And let me tell you, that eff-ing burns! You'd think with all the running and other workouts that I do, my thighs would get smaller and quit rubbing together, but no dice.

Oh, and it might be a little late, but I haven't forgotten. The things I learned this weekend:
  • It is not possible to not get wasted during a pub crawl. Best I try, I always fail.
  • Running through the neighborhood at night in the dark is actually fun and exhilarating. There's just enough light to see and enough people around to be fairly safe.
  • Bowling is not my sport. Fun as it may be, it will be a miracle if I ever bowl over 100. But you can guarantee that I will jump up and down and scream like a girl when I get a spare. I don't want to know how I'd react if I actually bowled a strike!
  • Dodgeball is a very competitive game and my team will never win. I will do everything in my puny little body to get us a W this weekend before the season is over.
So, here's to a new week and getting back on track with my goals. I'm looking forward to a run with the BON group tonight and a gorgeous weekend for a long run.

Friday, January 22, 2010

An Update on My Resolutions

I've been so busy relishing in the glory of beating my goal half marathon time, that I've completely neglected my New Year's resolutions. I've done well with my food intake, but that's also something that I've been working on for a long time. I've been so sore and busy with work this week, that running hasn't even been an option. Today is Friday, so it's time to get out there. Hubby wants to run tonight, so I think I'll try for 4 miles. If I want to make my 20 mile per week goal, I'll need to do another 16 this weekend. Wish me luck, but I won't feel too bad if I miss one week.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Half - Take 2

Once again, I signed up for and ran the Houston Half Marathon today. It was a perfect day for a run. 42* at the start before the sun came up. Not too much wind either. I felt great. Two eggs and peanut butter toast for breakfast 2 hours before the start. Plenty of stretching and jogging to warm my legs up before the gun went off. I secured a bib in the first wave this year, but I knew if I was too close to the start line at the beginning, I'd let everyone around me make me go out too fast. I started in the back and crossed the line about 4 minutes after the gun. The first mile and a half of the Houston run is on a bridge across I-10. It was windy and COLD up there, but as soon as we made it to the ground, everyone started to warm up. Gloves and sweatshirts were thrown. I took it slow and enjoyed the crowd and the runners around me. There was a family hanging outside the windows of their house singing karaoke to us. The best sign I saw was "Simon Says Run Bitch Run". There were tons of other good ones, but I was focused on running. I had been bragging to Hubby yesterday at dinner that I'm a negative splitter and I was determined to prove it today. My 10K split was 1:01. I took my first GU at the 5 mile mark, which was also my first water. I never stop for gatorade because it makes me burp, so I'm a water all the way girl. I felt great then, the sun was coming up and the crowd was getting thicker. At 7.5, I passed Hubby and my old running partner, handing off the clothing I'd shed and grabbing some GUs to finish the race with. I told them I was on time and kept on going. The half marathon turns around at mile 9 and comes back down the same street so the spectators get a chance to see the Halfers twice without moving. The bands along the street were all doing awesome and I was kicking up the speed. I figured if I wasn't going to make my goal time, I was going to cut it close. I had my second GU at 9.5 and checked my watch - I was1/2 a mile under the 10:00 min/mile pace. I was stoked. I focused on my stride and watched where I landed my feet - I couldn't risk stepping wrong. When I passed Hubby and M again at mile 10, I high fived them and told them they better hurry to the finish because I wasn't about to slow down. I couldn't believe how awesome I still felt and I wasn't about to slow down for any reason. I was passing people like crazy and kept trying to tell myself that I still had 3 miles in front of me. Last time I ran this race, I was dead by mile 12. There are hardly any spectators in downtown there so there's no one to encourage you but yourself. A tall, fast girl passed me, and my mind told me I needed to keep up with her - we had 2 miles left. I managed to keep up with her for a little over a mile. The streets downtown were shady and cold, but I was determined. Two ladies on my right mentioned that there was a kid in front of us, laughing at themselves that they were going to be beaten by a pre-teen. I wasn't going to let that happen. I needed motivation, and that gave me what I needed to pick it up even more. There was 1/2 a mile to go. I let my legs take over and focused on my breathing, I could see the finish line in front of me. I kept scanning the crowd hoping that Hubby and M made it in time. My watch told me it'd be close. I raised my arms and crossed the finish line - I hope there was a smile on my face. I'd beat my goal by 45 seconds. I was so happy I almost cried. I walked inside, struggling to breathe and almost cried again as they lowered the finisher's medal over my head. It took me 3 tries, but I made it. I honestly never really knew I had it in me, turns out, sometimes you just don't know what you are made of until it comes down to it. I'm so completely excited and proud of myself!

Mile 1: 10:04
Mile 2: 9:46
Mile 3: 9:29
Mile 4: 9:16
Mile 5: 8:59
Mile 6: 9:11
Mile 7: 8:53
Mile 8: 8:55
Mile 9: 9:09
Mile 10: 8:35
Mile 11: 8:40
Mile 12: 8:36
Mile 13: 8:23

Total Time: 1:59:15 !!!!!!

(I lent my camera to my friend because hers died and her brother was still running the full marathon. Pics to come soon!)

Hubby and M didn't make it to see me finish. Parking and the crowd of people and the road closures prevented them from making it. It didn't stop me from jumping on him the second I saw him though! I had just enough energy left for that.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't know what it is about me. Is it just me? Why do I have such a hard time running on the treadmill? Yesterday it was after 7pm before I could get to the gym and I didn't have my Garmin on me, so I decided just to stay in the gym and stomp out 2 to 3 miles. I think I honestly have a mental block against treadmills. Every run I try is the hardest run I've ever done. Yesterday was no different. It took everything I had to make it to 2.75 miles. I never wanted to quit so bad in my life. My calves hurt and my arches were sore - I was miserable! I have no idea how to get around this. I feel like I do more harm to my legs when I'm on the treadmill and I'm definately much more sore the next day than when I run outside. When I run outside, my body is just peaceful. Nothing screams or yells and recovery is easy. It's supposed to rain for the next 3 days here, so what's a treadmill-hating girl supposed to do???

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Learn-Day

It's another back-to-the-grind Monday and work actually started out fairly productive. That is until my boss showed up and whisked us out to a 3 hour lunch. Now my belly is full and my concentration has pretty much gone down the drain (thanks to shrimp corndogs and tres leches bread pudding).

Anyways, onto the reason of the post - the things I learned from this weekend's activities:
  • Since my running has continually increased, my alcohol tolerance level has decreased. Three (3!) stout beers will now leave me very tipsy.
  • Dodgeball is insanely fun, addictive and highly competitive. I can't believe we stopped playing this game in elementary school. Everyone needs to get up off their computer right now and go chunk a ball at someone!
  • After reading "Born to Run", I'm seriously tempted to try a trail race.
  • Trying out new unpaved trails (with no roads or houses nearby) by yourself (especially if you're a girl with no cell phone) is prolly not a good idea. When I saw the tent pitched in the bushes, I turned around and ran back to civilization. (Ha, that's funny since I was pretty much exactly in the center of Houston!)
  • Week 1 completed. Total mileage: 20.14. Note to myself? Don't wait to do the bulk of the miles the last day of the week (especially since you were supposed to be tapering for the half marathon next weekend). I just hope I didn't screw myself over.
Until next time! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Sunday!

That means the 1st week of 2010 is officially over tonight at midnight - and I finished my 20 miles about an hour ago. Yes, I kinda procrastinated on it, but damn it's cold here. I had planned on doing 10 miles yesterday and then a 2 miler today, but I just couldn't gather the courage to lace up my running shoes when it was 33 degrees outside. So, that left all the mileage to be completed today - and it was 34* at the start. Ugh, it was cold! Once I finished it had warmed up to 43*, but in my mind, that's not too much better. Otherwise though, it was a beautiful day.

I really hope it's not quite this cold next weekend. I'll be happy with 50*. I can't believe it's only 7 days till the Houston Half Marathon. I'm excited, but really nervous. I got my confirmation packet this week, and I'm in the 1st wave! I was in the 2nd wave when I ran this race 2 years ago and man it was crazy packed full of people to dodge around. I don't think I hit my goal pace until mile 3 or so, so I'm excited to see what I can do it I start out in front of all the 10 min/milers. I'll be taking it easy this week, to rest my legs for the big event, but there will be some small runs here and there.

I'm off in an hour to my first dodgeball/kickball/whiffleball game. I completely forgot about it until Hubby mentioned it after my run. Guess I shoulda planned that a little better, but it'll be fun anyway. I don't think I've played any of those games since 6th! Go Sacks n Racks! (Ha, I had no say-so in the team name, but I have to admit it's pretty funny!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Morning: No

So I didn't stick with the plan. My alarm went off yesterday morning and I thought about getting up to run, but it was raining. Cold and rain are horrible together. I don't mind running in the rain when it's warm outside, but I wasn't about to be cold and wet. So I said "forget that" and went back to sleep. However, I did scrounge up the courage to put my feet on the treadmill yesterday afternoon. I wanted to run outside, but it was just too windy. I don't know if you know this, but I HATE the treadmill. I only got on because I'm trying to be really devoted and I knew I needed to get some mileage in. It was a really slow, hard start. Everytime I get on that thing it plays with my mind. Yesterday my calves started cramping and my left knee and quad were hurting. It took 2 miles just to warm up. I wanted to quit so bad, but I ran through it and managed to complete a little over 4 miles. Yay! That leaves less than 12 miles to run this weekend. No problem.

On another note, my beloved team lost last night. Colt really let me down and let every Longhorn fan in the world down by not being a man. He was selfish and cowardly. Anyway, so I might have had a little too much beer and sake to drown my sorrows away, but I did play some awesome hands in poker.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Morning: Maybe

Work has been really crazy this week. In fact, it's going to continue to be really crazy until the end of March. I'm usually really good about just sucking it up and taking it, but I have my resolutions to think of this year. I worked until 9pm last night, so that means I took the day off running. The plan was to get in a good run today, but alas, I'm still at work with a LOAD of stuff to do before going home.

So here's the new plan: Get up early in the morning and run before work.

Got it? Good! Because now that I've mentioned it on the world wide web, I'm accountable for it. Yep, accountable. And I know how much I hate saying one thing and doing another. Now I have to get up early and run. I'll hate myself if I don't and I'll never be able to show my face written word here again.

That's all.

Oh, wait, it's not. GO LONGHORNS!!!!! Beat the hell outta Bama!

(Bet ya can't tell where I went to college)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Case of the Mondays...

Arg! It's the first Monday of the year and I'm feeling very old today. I woke up this morning with what feels like an elephant laying on my chest, a pain in the muscle right behind my left knee and my still oh so annoying runny nose. Oy, I hate Mondays. I guess I should get used to them, cuz there's 51 left in this year and 234603453 left in my lifetime (plus or minus a few years).

But, today marks the beginning of the first week of the year and the start of my 20 miles per week resolution. Since the first 3 days were only part of a week and I did 9.5 miles, I think I'm pretty much on track so far.

And since weekends are always learning experiences, here are the things I learned this weekend:
  • Drinking red wine all night is never a good idea if you plan to do anything the next day.
  • Picking an orange up off the ground and peeling it while running will leave your hands sticky (and make you pretty annoyed at yourself for not realizing that before you do it).
  • I actually do like winter. But only for the fact that I can run during the day and don't have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to run before it gets too hot.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Run of 2010

2010 is off to a great start! I was completely lazy and relaxed all day New Year's Day. I curled up with my Kindle and read 2 books. Running wasn't on the agenda, but I more than made up for it today. My resolutions are going great (come on, I have to be positive even though we are only 2 days in!);  I got up this morning, made a healthy breakfast and laced up my running shoes. I knew my target was 9-10 miles since my half marathon is in 2 weeks (eek!). The city finally finished construction on the last bridge to finish the bike trail through our neighborhood, so I figured I'd go check it out. With new Garmin calibrated and ready, I set off. I learned that it is exactly 3 miles to Target from my front door. I should really get a bike and start biking all my errands since everything is so close now. I'll have to put that on my birthday list. Maybe I can even bribe Hubby into biking alongside me when I run. I'll keep wishing for now. Anyways, the run felt great and it was such a beautiful day. I ran all the way to the 6th Ward and around that neighborhood and back. I felt like I was so far from home, but I guess I never realized how close it was. Amazing what you realize when you're on 2 feet instead of in your car. I'll definately have to start carrying a camera or my phone so I can take pictures of some of the cool stuff on my runs. Today I passed a house with an orange tree in their front yard, so I picked up one and peeled it. I had already done 5 miles or so, so I figured it could be my snack. I bit into it like an apple and was shocked how sour the thing was! I ended up tossing it in the gutter, but was left with sticky hands. Not such a good idea.

Total distance: 9.49 miles
Total Time: 1:37:23

My worn out legs (and my Christmas wreath that is about to be taken down)