Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am the not-so-proud owner of an iPod shuffle. One of the little tiny ones that has not controls on the iPod, but has the controls on the cord of the headphones. I bought it so I could tuck it in anywhere, it doesn't take up space to travel with and it talks to me. I have to say I get the giggles everytime Ke$ha comes on and I hit the button for the iPod voice to tell me what's playing: "K-dollar sign-HA". That's exactly how she pronounces it and I can't help but laugh. Guess Ke$ha didn't think how silly that $ would sound coming out of an automated device.

Anyways, back on track - I hate my headphones. I have trouble with the Apple ones staying in my ears while I'm running, but that's not the biggest concern. The headphones short out if they get wet - ie if any sweat gets near them. Everytime they short out, I have to go to the Apple store and wait in line to see a guy so I can get a new pair of headphones. Apple does replace them for free, but it's a pain in the you-know-where to go to the mall and deal with the kaos that is the Apple store. Apple advertises this iPod as a workout accessory, but I was told by the customer service guy this weekend that I was not using the device as Apple intended it. What?! Then why do they advertise it on people that are running?! His suggestion was to buy a pair of sporty headphones made for sweating and then buy an attachment by Belkin for my controls. Wait, so let me get this straight. Belkin has a controler that will work with my sweat but Apple doesn't? Apple is at the top of the market for electronics right now, why can't they fix this? And why are they selling a product that they know is faulty? I didn't buy this iPod because I wanted to buy fancy headphones and then buy an attachment to go on them. That defeats the purpose.

I tried a pair of Sony's upgraded headphones last night. They had the controls on the cord, but they didn't fit in my ear right. The left bud kept falling out of my ear and the sound quality was horrible. I couldn't have been more disappointed with a $40 pair of headphones, so back to the store they go. And the search is still on....or maybe I should just give up working out to music...


  1. Hey thanks for contributing today! Great advice!

    And I totally get you on the crappy headphone deal. I have really small ears, so mine always fall out! I just deal with it because I can't run without music, but if you find a good pair, LET ME KNOW!

    Looking forward to reading more. :)

  2. Oh man, I used the little headphones that came with my ipod for forever and hated every second of it! They really are NO good for running. After complaining and whining about them for months my boyfriend bought me some new ones and I love them. Im pretty sure they are fairly cheap (under $15) and they work great, no problems so far. They are skullcandy earbuds and I think you can find them at target or walmart or anywhere like they come in cute colors! :)