Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Toy!

Meet my new training buddy:

I'm thinking "Carla the Cannondale" - the name seems to ring well. What do you think?

Hubby got into road biking a few months ago and I just couldn't help but want to join him. I tried out the Specialized Dolce, Giant Avail and the Cannondale Synapse before deciding on this one. It's the Caad 10 5 and it's amazing. We picked her up Wednesday night and immediately joined a group for a 20 mile ride. My butt is a little sore, but I'm ready to ride her again. It's going to be tough fitting in rides with my marathon training, but I'll rise to the challenge. I figure I can manage to take her out 2-3 times a week.

I still need to get water cages for her and eventually I'll make the jump to clips, but there's time for all that. I think first order of business should be learning to fix a flat. I have a lot to learn, but I'm excited!

Friday, July 29, 2011

ATP - Week 2

(Sorry I'm a few days late on posting this)

Ha, I'm wearing my new shirt again. I just can't help it - it's so comfortable! (Don't worry, I washed it)

Week 2 of ATP Marathon training is finished - only 15 more weeks to go! I only managed to get 4 running days in instead of the scheduled 6. My body just needed a little more rest, so I let it.

It was definately a tough week.
Monday: 5 miles + PREP
Tuesday: Speed
Wednesday 5 miles + PREP
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 6 mile long run
Sunday: 4 mile recovery

An ice bath? Yes, please. My muscles hurt so good!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terry Hershey

I had to be out on the west side of town the other afternoon and had my running stuff with me, so I thought it would be a great idea to try out a new running route.

ATP marathon training started last week, which had me running 6 days a week (holy cow!). Thursdays are easy runs, but they are the second longest of the week. I had 6 miles on the schedule so I figured I'd run 3 miles out then 3 back. The trail runs along the bayou underneath all of the roads so you never have to worry about traffic. I think the trail is around 16 miles total, but obviously I didn't see all of it.

It was a beautiful day. No clouds in the sky. Just 100 degrees and 100% humidity! I didn't really want to wait around for sunset with nothing to do, so I went ahead and started my run when I got there at 6:15pm. It was HOT!

I had to walk a few times to lower my heart rate back down, but managed to still make a pretty good time. I was definately worn out when it was over.

I went on a little shopping spree the day before and picked up this outfit from Lululemon. I'm more in love with their apparel every time I buy something. I only wish I could indulge in the entire line! This tank is amazing. I love the material and how it doesn't show sweat like some of my other tops. I'm debating getting it in another color.

Like my new BIC band? It's white and sparkley and I love it.

This ATP training is pretty tough and we just started week 2. We're building strength and trying to train our legs into running when tired. So for the first 3 weeks we are doing runs from 3 to 5 miles twice a week followed by lunges, squats, burpees, etc. After that, we'll start doing those exercises before the runs and then add in hills and sprints. I'm in for a tough 17 weeks!