Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 is going by way too fast

Monday: 6 miles 3.88 miles
Tuesday: Yoga, 3 4 at BON
Wednesday: Spin x1hr, weights
Thursday: Hills x4 Yoga
Friday: 3 miles Rest
Saturday: 7 miles (with HF!) 5 miles at Memorial, Yoga
Sunday: Yoga, 2 mile walk 6 mile bike ride

This week went a little better than last. I stuck more to my schedule (or atleast managed to get some kind of workout in). I had plans to walk on Sunday, but I borrowed my neighbor's bike and took it around the neighborhood. I forgot how much fun a real bike actually is and I really want one. Hubby is excited that I'm lusting after one and promises to get me one soon. He actually bought himself one yesterday. A friend of his happened to be selling a really nice mountain bike for a decent price, so we jumped on it. Yay for the start of a new hobby - mountain biking!

You'll notice on my schedule that I didn't make it to run with HF. Funny story. On Thursday I looked at the schedule and it said the run was 5 miles and it started at 7am. I made sure to go to bed early Friday night, set the alarm and had my clothes ready. I ran with HF three years ago during their Spring training and they always met at Memorial park, so that's where I went. When I arrived at 6:45am, there was a group taking off from the same spot. It was a rather small group, so I thought maybe it wouldn't have been HF. I parked, stretched and waited. No one showed up. I checked the website from my phone and it says that the run started at 6:30am! But I had checked it two days before! So then I started thinking that the group that took off as I arrived was HF. I was kicking myself. I didn't know the route there were on, so I was alone. I decided I'd already gotten up and dressed so I took off for the park and completed my 5 miles. My iPod went dead during the run - fail. Later that afternoon, I ran into my friend that is also in the group. She says the Fall group meets at Luke's Locker. Are you kidding me!? I didn't meet at the right place nor did I get there on time! Either way, it was a recipe for disaster. Hopefully the trend won't continue this way.

This week is pretty busy with work and social stuff, so running will be hard. Hubby's car just died so we might be having to car shop (which we didn't want to do for another couple of months). Such is life I guess. Happy Running everyone and enjoy this 3 day weekend - you know I will!

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