Friday, May 7, 2010

The Year of Running

My Hubby has coined this year "Year of Running" and so themed my birthday presents this year. I had a few runs to try out my new gear, and I absolutely love it. With the weather being pretty much perfect lately, I've been doing more and more of my runs during the daylight hours. Hats are great, but slightly annoying, so I've been itching for a pair of sporty sunglasses to run in. I was thinking that the next expo or festival I hit up that I'd buy a cheap knock-off pair. But Hubby was a few steps ahead and surprised me with these for my bday:

I took this pic last night after my 3.5 mile run, so excuse the sweaty mess that I am. They are a pair of Ryder's and I absolutely love them. They are excellent at keeping the sun at bay and also cutting down on the amount of dust that gets in my eyes.

My second gift was exactly what I was hoping for. Before Christmas this year, my tried and true Garmin went caput on me. Garmin replaced it (several times) with refurbished models, but I didn't have very much luck with any of them. I've been drooling over a couple of the newer models (with GPS instead of my lame foot pod) and was hoping I'd get one for my birthday. Hubby didn't disappoint!

It's the 310XT model and a dream come true. This baby is so cool. I've named it Marvin the Garmin and I can't wait to learn all the features he has to offer. I love being able to track my routes automatically (I'm not a very big fan of running the same routes over and over). The heart rate monitor is actually comfortable, so I've been wearing it unlike the last watch. I'm going to have so much fun training for my marathon with this on my wrist. Watch out Nike! I'm gonna rock your marathon with a Garmin (no Nike+ for me)!


  1. How do you like the Garmin? Joshua has an older version, and I've been thinking about upgrading it for him for Father's Day. And then maybe I'll steal his old one, lol :)

    Good luck at your race tomorrow!

  2. I love my Marvin the Garmin! It's completely awesome. I had the Forerunner 50 and I only upgraded b/c it broke, but even that one was cool. I love being able to know my pace and my distance, since I hate running the same places all the time. How was the Komen today?