Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching up

Long weekends always put me a little behind the next week. Motivation is hard to get back, and I just want to stay in the relaxing, lazy mood from the weekend. Point proven again this week, but at least I've been busy doing other things. (Hubby's car broke down last week, so I've been filling my time with searching for a new one.)

We spent the weekend back home with our parents and siblings. The dogs were a little anxious to get there.

I started the weekend off right with a 7 mile run (great time too for as hot as it was) around the bare roads along the in-law's house. I sometimes forget how quiet and calm it is in the country. I only got chased by a dog once (he was a wiener, so I wasn't afraid), but I was quite afraid that the rooster might chase after me. Who has a rooster running loose in their yard anyway?!

After the run, we made the trip over to Shreveport for the Mudbug festival. I love me some mudbugs, and this is the best festival hands down. The music is awesome, beer flows freely and the crawfish are always tasty.
I think that was our third plate. Either way, it's the best post-running food I can think of! I'm thinking I should email the event's organizer and suggest adding a 5 or 10k to the festival soon. How cool would that be? I mean, Taste of Chicago has a 5k that kicks off their event. (The race shirt is an awesome Nike one with spoons and forks with legs running.) I would love a running shirt with a crawfish on it. Maybe I should get on that - design and sell one! Too bad I'm not very creative.

Oh, and just in case you are interested (I know you are!), the winner of the crawfish eating contest ate 16.25lbs in 15 minutes!

By the way, in response to my post last week about headphones, I ran a 4-miler yesterday without any music and I had forgotten how freeing it could be. It was just me and my shoes (and Marvin the Garmin) out on the trail and I had a great time. I've got another run scheduled for tonight (maybe I'll go for 5 miles) and I don't think the music will go with me again either.

Have a great week and happy running!

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  1. props to you for running without music! I've done it once and it was TERRIBLE! haha, guess I'm just always in need of my life soundtrack.

    ps. there's another chance to be my featured runner today! check it out :) I'd love to hear your input!