Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 3

New Year's resolutions never go as planned. I hit the first week just fine, but races sure do get in the way. (So does work, but I'm trying not to complain.) Week 2 I was just shy of my 20 mile goal -by 4 miles I think. But after rocking my half marathon, I don't really care. Week 3 I was way too sore to really get any runs in. (By the way, what's the appropriate amount of time to wait after a hard race before you get a massage? I've heard 48 hours...)

My totals for week 3: 5.3 miles.

Which I'm not complaining about. That run on Friday night around the Heights felt great. I was only going out for 3 miles, but I didn't want to quit. It was effortless and the temperatures were perfect. The only thing that made me quit after 5 miles was the chaffing on my legs. I hadn't worn shorts in so long, I forgot the Body Glide. And let me tell you, that eff-ing burns! You'd think with all the running and other workouts that I do, my thighs would get smaller and quit rubbing together, but no dice.

Oh, and it might be a little late, but I haven't forgotten. The things I learned this weekend:
  • It is not possible to not get wasted during a pub crawl. Best I try, I always fail.
  • Running through the neighborhood at night in the dark is actually fun and exhilarating. There's just enough light to see and enough people around to be fairly safe.
  • Bowling is not my sport. Fun as it may be, it will be a miracle if I ever bowl over 100. But you can guarantee that I will jump up and down and scream like a girl when I get a spare. I don't want to know how I'd react if I actually bowled a strike!
  • Dodgeball is a very competitive game and my team will never win. I will do everything in my puny little body to get us a W this weekend before the season is over.
So, here's to a new week and getting back on track with my goals. I'm looking forward to a run with the BON group tonight and a gorgeous weekend for a long run.

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