Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Run of 2010

2010 is off to a great start! I was completely lazy and relaxed all day New Year's Day. I curled up with my Kindle and read 2 books. Running wasn't on the agenda, but I more than made up for it today. My resolutions are going great (come on, I have to be positive even though we are only 2 days in!);  I got up this morning, made a healthy breakfast and laced up my running shoes. I knew my target was 9-10 miles since my half marathon is in 2 weeks (eek!). The city finally finished construction on the last bridge to finish the bike trail through our neighborhood, so I figured I'd go check it out. With new Garmin calibrated and ready, I set off. I learned that it is exactly 3 miles to Target from my front door. I should really get a bike and start biking all my errands since everything is so close now. I'll have to put that on my birthday list. Maybe I can even bribe Hubby into biking alongside me when I run. I'll keep wishing for now. Anyways, the run felt great and it was such a beautiful day. I ran all the way to the 6th Ward and around that neighborhood and back. I felt like I was so far from home, but I guess I never realized how close it was. Amazing what you realize when you're on 2 feet instead of in your car. I'll definately have to start carrying a camera or my phone so I can take pictures of some of the cool stuff on my runs. Today I passed a house with an orange tree in their front yard, so I picked up one and peeled it. I had already done 5 miles or so, so I figured it could be my snack. I bit into it like an apple and was shocked how sour the thing was! I ended up tossing it in the gutter, but was left with sticky hands. Not such a good idea.

Total distance: 9.49 miles
Total Time: 1:37:23

My worn out legs (and my Christmas wreath that is about to be taken down)

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