Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Learn-Day

It's another back-to-the-grind Monday and work actually started out fairly productive. That is until my boss showed up and whisked us out to a 3 hour lunch. Now my belly is full and my concentration has pretty much gone down the drain (thanks to shrimp corndogs and tres leches bread pudding).

Anyways, onto the reason of the post - the things I learned from this weekend's activities:
  • Since my running has continually increased, my alcohol tolerance level has decreased. Three (3!) stout beers will now leave me very tipsy.
  • Dodgeball is insanely fun, addictive and highly competitive. I can't believe we stopped playing this game in elementary school. Everyone needs to get up off their computer right now and go chunk a ball at someone!
  • After reading "Born to Run", I'm seriously tempted to try a trail race.
  • Trying out new unpaved trails (with no roads or houses nearby) by yourself (especially if you're a girl with no cell phone) is prolly not a good idea. When I saw the tent pitched in the bushes, I turned around and ran back to civilization. (Ha, that's funny since I was pretty much exactly in the center of Houston!)
  • Week 1 completed. Total mileage: 20.14. Note to myself? Don't wait to do the bulk of the miles the last day of the week (especially since you were supposed to be tapering for the half marathon next weekend). I just hope I didn't screw myself over.
Until next time! :)

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  1. wait, tres leches bread pudding - what???\