Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Sunday!

That means the 1st week of 2010 is officially over tonight at midnight - and I finished my 20 miles about an hour ago. Yes, I kinda procrastinated on it, but damn it's cold here. I had planned on doing 10 miles yesterday and then a 2 miler today, but I just couldn't gather the courage to lace up my running shoes when it was 33 degrees outside. So, that left all the mileage to be completed today - and it was 34* at the start. Ugh, it was cold! Once I finished it had warmed up to 43*, but in my mind, that's not too much better. Otherwise though, it was a beautiful day.

I really hope it's not quite this cold next weekend. I'll be happy with 50*. I can't believe it's only 7 days till the Houston Half Marathon. I'm excited, but really nervous. I got my confirmation packet this week, and I'm in the 1st wave! I was in the 2nd wave when I ran this race 2 years ago and man it was crazy packed full of people to dodge around. I don't think I hit my goal pace until mile 3 or so, so I'm excited to see what I can do it I start out in front of all the 10 min/milers. I'll be taking it easy this week, to rest my legs for the big event, but there will be some small runs here and there.

I'm off in an hour to my first dodgeball/kickball/whiffleball game. I completely forgot about it until Hubby mentioned it after my run. Guess I shoulda planned that a little better, but it'll be fun anyway. I don't think I've played any of those games since 6th! Go Sacks n Racks! (Ha, I had no say-so in the team name, but I have to admit it's pretty funny!)


  1. Good luck on the half marathon!

    I've been wanting to run a little bit, but there's no way that I'll get out there in this cold!!

  2. Thanks! I've decided that anything above 45 degrees is doable. You just have to force yourself to do it!