Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Morning: Maybe

Work has been really crazy this week. In fact, it's going to continue to be really crazy until the end of March. I'm usually really good about just sucking it up and taking it, but I have my resolutions to think of this year. I worked until 9pm last night, so that means I took the day off running. The plan was to get in a good run today, but alas, I'm still at work with a LOAD of stuff to do before going home.

So here's the new plan: Get up early in the morning and run before work.

Got it? Good! Because now that I've mentioned it on the world wide web, I'm accountable for it. Yep, accountable. And I know how much I hate saying one thing and doing another. Now I have to get up early and run. I'll hate myself if I don't and I'll never be able to show my face written word here again.

That's all.

Oh, wait, it's not. GO LONGHORNS!!!!! Beat the hell outta Bama!

(Bet ya can't tell where I went to college)

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