Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet Marcie!

Say Hello to Marcie the Mares! :) This is the new scuba toy I picked up last night.She's beautiful, isn't she? She's going to help me breathe underwater. Not like that rental I had in Cozumel last month where I had to suck with all my might to get air out of the damn thing. Marcie will treat me much better than that. She's designed to be one of the easiest to breathe from and not only is she one of the best regulators on the market - she's also the smallest. Her mouthpiece is designed to fit in tiny mouths like mine comfortably without me feeling like I need to bite down with everything I have just to hold her in. With the bigger regs and mouthpieces, I'm very succeptable to the mouthpiece falling out (or someone kicking it out of my mouth!), so I usually swim around holding the damn thing - not anymore! Here's the rest of her setup:

That yellow cord and mouthpiece is my 2nd stage reg. If anything ever happens to Marcie and I can't breathe from her anymore or if my dive buddy runs out of air and needs to steal from me, the yellow one is there to help. Hopefully, we'll never need to use the yellow one, but one can never be too safe! The other black cord allows for airflow into my BCD (those vests we wear to hold onto our tanks). When we reach the surface and are waiting on the dive boat or need to swim, we can inflate our BCD so we don't sink back down again. The only thing I'm still missing is my console. The dive shop didn't have it in stock yesterday, but they are getting it ordered and it should be here by Friday in time for our dive trip down to Mammouth Lake in Lake Jackson. I'm so excited to try it all out and stoked to finally have a full set of dive gear! Oh, and after last night, I'm Nixtrox certified (and so is Marcie) so we'll be trying out new air with longer down times as well!

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