Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Hours to go

Tonight was fun. I pretty much figured I wouldn't get to do anything this weekend, so I lived it up tonight. I met my old running partner for a nice jog around Rice, then dinner at Hungry's (which is quickly becoming a tradition for us). After that I met Married2Food at Anvil to start tackling my 100 drink list (mmmm Gin!). She convinced me that I needed to spend my last night in my glasses attempting to eat our way through a 10 course dessert tasting. Who's going to say no to that?

So, five of us girls headed to the chef's restaurant after closing to hang out in the kitchen and try his amazing desserts. I have never worked in a restaurant nor ever been in the kitchen of a restaurant, but this was definately cool. We stood around the counter where our amazing host prepared our treats. First up (sorry, I bit into it first before I remembered to take the picture) - the corn dog.

A cornmeal pastry, ketchup-hot dog sauce (yes, there were literally hot dogs used in making it) and mustard ice cream. It tasted like I was at the fair! I tasted all the parts separately and then again all together. I'm still amazed sometimes at what chef's can do with food. This was my all time favorite of the night.

Next up, funnel cake, maple syrup and spam ice cream. Yes, Spam! It tasted just like a creamy, cold version of the canned meat. Mixed with the sweetness of the maple syrup and crispyness of the funnel cake, we were all in heaven. No funnel cake piece went uneaten!

Our gracious host then made us his take on a peach cobbler. Peaches warmed in a sugar sauce with vanilla shortbread topped with crushed nuts and buttermilk ice cream. The man really knew his way with ice cream. I could have eaten straight from the container. I love cobblers, and this was no exception.
The crowd favorite: bacon jelly filled donuts dipped in chocolate sauce served with spicy nuts and chocolate ice cream. I'm not an over-the-top bacon lover, so maybe that's why this wasn't my favorite, but it was really tasty and very sweet. I still can't believe he managed to make a bacon jelly! I think everyone in attendance devoured at least 2 full ones. I was starting to feel really full and only had part of one.

Last up, a homemade chocolate cordial cherry. I loved these as a kid. I used to hoarde them in my room after Valentine's day and not share with anyone else in the house. But I think the rest of the desserts had played their part on me and I was throwing in the towel. I only had one bite of this. The rich, thich chocolate coating put me over the edge and I was done - we all were for that matter. We only made it 5 courses into our tasting - 6 if you count all the mini pastries we consumed while cleaning everything up. It was definately a great end to the night. I went home full, still slightly tipsy, and slept until it was time for my surgery. (Well, mostly slept - in between all the bad dreams about Lasik.)

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