Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HRW - Voice

Last night, a few girls and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Voice for Houston Restaurant Week. I tried out Benjy's and Rainbow Lodge last week for their HRW menus, but I have to say this was my favorite of all - and I already want to go back. We started the meal with a few appetizers of the regular menu.
Sashimi of Yellowfin Tuna, Asian pear, yuzu and spicy kanzuri. This was excellent. The tuna could not have been any fresher and the jalapenos added a nice kick.

Housemade Charcuterie: salumi, pate, cherry mustard and tuscan bread. I've never had pate before, but this was amazing. Supposedly pate is very gamey, but this was not at all. There were a few other meats on the plate, all of which I tried, but nothing compared to the pate.

Mushroom Soup “Cappucino”: Crimini mushroom, truffle foam, porcini powder. This is what I want to go back for. It looks just like a cappucino, but it's mushroom soup! I've never had a soup so good. It was like eating liquid mushrooms. I wanted to pick up the cup and just sip from it. It was even served as hot as you would get a coffee. I had trouble waiting for it to cool before slurping it up.

Pan roasted pork loin, roasted corn, israeli couscous, granny smith apple, bourgon-garlic sauce. This was the entree that I ordered. It was served not hot, but not cold which was disappointing. I chose this on the recommendation of the waiter, but after trying the steak from the other girls, I now regret my choice. It was good, it just wasn't GREAT like the other dishes we had.

Crab Cake with spicy Voodoo sauce. Like my picture? I'm trying to be all artistic with the shot. It might not look like it, but this little cake has huge chunks of delisious crab inside. The sauce was a spicy version of a sweet and sour sauce and was really good with the crabcake.

Warm chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, caramel sea salt ice cream. I was the only one at the table to order the chocolate cake. Everyone else ordered the Strawberry rhubarb crisp, almond oat streusel, ginger Chantilly cream. I was really torn on which one to order, but the caramel ice cream was just too inviting to say no to. And it did not disappoint. The chocolate cake oozed with chocolate sauce and the ice cream was a perfect combination with it. The sea salt kept the ice cream from being overly sweet so that the dish wasn't too overpowering. The crisp was also amazing, but everyone agreed it was a tough choice between the two.

The kitchen sent us out sorbets to finish our meal. They were an excellent surprise and we graciously thanked them for everything. Each of us were served a different flavor, so we decided to play musical chairs with them. The one I started with was Champagne Green Apple. It was much like a granita ice cream, very ice-y, but like and flavorful. The rest of the sorbets were creamier and very fruity. The other flavors were: Raspberry, Coconut, Cherry Almond and Smoked Strawberry. We all had different opinions on which ones were the best, but we didn't have any problem finishing them all!

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