Sunday, August 16, 2009

9 Miler

I want to reiterate. It sucks not having a training partner. SUCKS. The only time I run with anyone else is on Tuesdays during the Brian O'Neils runs, and those have to be my favorite. Otherwise it's always just me. I miss the days when my running partner was still around and not busy with school and I kinda miss HoustonFit. I ran 9 miles this morning by myself. Yes I had everyone else with me running the Memorial Loop, but when it came down to it - it was up to me to push myself to the finish. I did really good until the start of the 3rd loop when my iPod went dead and the sun really started to hit the sky and my muscles really started to yell. So I walked. I hate walking tho. Something about it makes me feel weak, like I'm giving up - which I know isn't true. I managed to finish the last lap with a nice slow jog, but I know I could have done better. I have one more long run before I have to take a week off from working out, so maybe when I can run again I'll see if there are any openings in any of the clubs around town. InFlight and Runners High seem to be more of what I'm looking now that I'm a more experienced runner. Wish me luck taking on 10 alone next week!

Now I'm off to Beaver's to try out JJ's pork belly for the throwdown tomorrow. I'll try to remember my camera to make you drool!

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