Friday, June 18, 2010


I've found a race medal that I have to have! Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I'd love to do a race that served crawfish at the end? Well, this is like that. It would just tie in things I love and so I don't think there's any way I can not do it. A little bit more background on me to help you out: I grew up in East Texas where several of our school trips were to the East Texas Oil Museum, practically my entire family works in the oil field, I even used to collect trinkets related to oil (one of my favorites was a tiny bottle of oil from the museum), and of course I'm a petroleum engineer. I think it's destiny that I run this marathon:

This medal is awesome! I actually feel a little left out that I didn't even know this was going on an hour from here last month. I need this! It would go so well next to my tiny bottle of oil and my derrek full of black jelly beans. Or maybe it will go well in my office at work next to my picture of the rig and the pumer jack. I'm such a dork when it comes to silly stuff like this, but I honestly think this may be one of the coolest medals I've ever seen. I will definately be running this race next year (half or full) so that I can get me one. Here's hoping they don't take the derrek off of the medal!

On another note, I've got 11 miles on the calender for tomorrow morning and I won't be able to run it with my HF buddies. I'm hoping I can still pull it out running alone!

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