Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remember last year when I decided to run home from work? It was National Running Day and it was a horrible idea - lots of heat and no water. Well, I decided I needed a redo and yesterday was that day. I made sure to hyrdate plenty all day, but the weather was just perfect. I took off around 5:45pm from downtown and started my journey.

This is our newest Chick Fil A - they were opening in the morning so people we camping out to be the first 100 in line to get free CFA for a year! It was definitely a sight to see - those tents wrapped around the buiding.

Yeah, I was really wishing I'd had my sunglasses with me. I guess that's what you get for deciding to do this after you've already gone to work that day. Note to self - carry sunglasses with you at all times. Horrible picture, can't believe I'm posting that.

All in all, the run was great. I took the shady route home once I got to my neighborhood. I'd had enough of staring into the sun for one day. It's definitely something that I want to do again, but maybe a little more planned out next time.

So, since I left my car at work, this morning I had to get up early (although I hit snooze way too many times) to get myself to work. I geared up for a bike commute! I started my ride right as the sun was coming up, so by the time I got a good view of downtown it looked like this:

So the iPhone doesn't take the greatest pictures, but it was an amazing view. Definitely one of my favorites in Houston. I only wished I would have had my actual camera instead of just my phone. I'll remember for next time.

Yep, sexy and I know it. Everyone looks good in bike helmets, right?

I made it to work in time to lace up the running shoes again and hit the trails. Not a bad way to spend the evening/early morning.


  1. haha! That picture looking into the sun is hilarious! Great job...I only *wish* I could run or bike the 20+ miles from home to work!