Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Challenges!

Amanda over at Run to the Finish is hosting a different 30 day challenge every month. Last year, I participated in her no sugar challenge which I found very difficult, but also very rewarding. I told myself after completing the 30 days that I would continue to watch my sugar intake and not let it get out of control again. Here I am 1 year later, frequently snacking on candy, unable to turn down desserts and constantly craving sugar. It's time I paid more attention to my diet and started eating cleaner and healthier. Amanda's June challenge is going to help me do just that!

I'm really excited to start my day everyday with something green! I really do love my veggies, but sometimes have such a tough time eating enough of them. Plus, my stomach has recently started not wanting to eat in the mornings, so a smoothie is a perfect way to fill me up without chewing - sneaky, sneaky!

Also, I'm going to challenge my legs a bit. I'm not really sure what my longest running streak is, but I'm going to try for 38 days with the RW Summer Running Streak! I'll be lacing up my shoes for at least 1 mile every day until July 4th - sounds like a good time to me!


  1. Great challenges!! I also joined RW's Summer Running Streak. Let's do it!!

  2. I love when your blog pops up with a new post in my reader :) Good luck with the streaks!