Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I've been neglecting my running a little to do more biking lately. With the MS150 coming up, I really need the practice on the longer rides.

Biking around Lake Tyler while home visiting the Parentals

My first 75 mile ride!
 2.  This past weekend was the Texas Independence Relay. Me and 10 of my friends ran 203 miles from Bastrop, Tx to the east side of Houston. It was an amazing weekend and so much fun, but my body just can't seem to get enough sleep lately! I havne't done any workouts since then except for 1 yoga class. Hopefully I can convince myself to get up tomorrow morning for a run or bike ride.

3.  Speaking of getting back to working out, I got an opportunity to read The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide and I'm loving it. I went to sleep last night after reading a section and was dying to go run instead of sleep. I'll have a review up soon, but I definitely recommend reading it - even for those who have been running for years.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! You are back! Loving that you are biking a ton...I am doing the same. It's just that time of year! Is this your first time to do the MS150?