Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day

I thought I had a brilliant idea today. It's National Running Day, so of course I had to get a great run in. Although I've run around work and around my house, I've never run from work to home or vice versus. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Houston and I thought today was the day to do it.

Wrong. Today was my first DNF. I've never quit a run before, but today was that day. As pretty as it was outside, it was also 97 degrees and I haven't run in anything hotter than high 80s this year. I also forgot my water bottle in the office and chose not to go back and get it. Bad decision. The route home is in full sun with very little shade. I started off with a great pace and lots of energy. That quickly faded when I got out of downtown and a mile and a half into the run. I was thirsty and my blood sugar was dropping and it was HOT. Two miles in I stopped at a convenient store for a gatorade to quench my thirst. Sugar Free Challenge Fail.

The G2 helped a little, but I was so hot and tired and drained and I felt like I was going to pass out. Luckily for me, I have a friend that lives halfway between downtown and home. So I called her. But no answer. So I talked myself into continuing to run, hoping she'd call back. I passed her apartment and headed on home. Less than 2 miles left. But guess who comes running my direction? My friend! I told her I was exhausted and she promised to drive me home if I could make it the 3 blocks back to her apartment. Yay!

I don't know if I've ever been so glad to be done with a run before. I felt bad for not finishing what I started, but I also didn't want to pass out from the heat and not have anyone nearby. I really want to try again to run from work to home, but maybe I'll wait until fall (and remember my water bottle next time!). After a short cool off period at home and refueling, I grabbed my bike and headed to downtown to pick up my car. All in all it was a great workout day, but I set my goals a little too high and need a little more practice before I try it again.

Total for the day:
Weights - 60min
Run - 4 miles
Bike - 5.5 miles


  1. I hear you... I went for a run in the evening and it was still hot, and leaving my water bottle at home was a bad idea. This weather bites!

  2. Wowzers! Well, running in that heat would be tough anyways. Good for you for getting out there and celebrating Nat'l Running Day! I celebrated by taking a day off of running. LOL! :)

  3. Good grief!
    Don't beat yourself up over this run, ok?
    I won't even attempt to run in that Texas heat ... so, good job for even getting out there. You are a brave one ... like a summer warrior!

  4. I'm glad your friend came for rescue. 97 is not a running weather. But a great idea to run home from work. Maybe in the fall or winter, this should be a great way to get your run in :)

  5. Wow...yuck!!! Sorry it was such a hot day! Glad you ran into your friend!