Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love challenges! It keeps me motivated and gives me something to look forward to. My next challenge you ask? Run for the Bling of It! I was already somewhat planning in my head to run as many races in 2011 as I can, but this will keep me honest. The challenge says I have to run at least one race every month and blog about it. Easy enough, right? I mean, check out my Upcoming Races section over there -----> It's getting pretty full!

I keep thinking that I need a New Year's resolution, but why? I didn't stick to last year's resolution. Although it was set pretty dang high. Maybe I should try for a total mileage for the year. According to my Garmin stats, I have run 528 miles so far this year (and that's not including my recent runs that I haven't uploaded yet), but that's only miles tracked by Marvin. There were several runs without him due to lack of battery power. I'm thinking I could definately add to that number. So is 1000 miles too much to shoot for? Maybe it is. I'll get back to you on this one.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Christmas presents I got from my family. Lovely cooking stuff I wanted and gorgeous martini glasses! But I can't use any of it. Why? Cuz they also gave me a stomach bug. I got in a nice run Monday night, but that's been the last of it for me. I'm feeling better so far today, so I'm hoping I can get at least one more run in before the year is over. I still haven't gotten to wear the new shoes yet!

Happy last week of the year!

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  1. Oh yes! I am registered for the half in NOLA on Feb 13. I'm excited. It would be fun to meet up, definitely. We need to arrange something!

    I need to start reserving hotel room and stuff like that. :)

    And I think 1000 miles is doable - if you don't injure yourself. :) You can do it!! And I'm shooting for that too! Let's get it done.