Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week from H#ll

I don't know about you guys, but this week has been killer. My schedule consists of sleeping, working, studying, repeat. Blah. I still haven't even been able to tackle my first post-marathon run! It's killing me, but I don't want to take the time out of cramming for my professional exam to head out for a run. So I'm excited for Sunday and my date with the pavement. Brooks just released the new Adrenaline 11s and I'm dying to try them, but I don't really need 3 pairs of running shoes. Must wear out the Asics so I can replace them!

Onto other news. All this non-running has made me think about running even more and where I want to go from here. I got the green light from the Hubby last night for my next year's worth of adventures. I figure that since it's the last remaining bits of my 20's, I want to go all out. So, for birthdays, Christmas', any random time people want to give me gifts, I'm going to be accepting race fees and Continental gift cards (United, whatever). I want to join the rest of the crazy running folks that I've "met" through the blogging world and really travel for my races.

First up? Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa, OK on November 21st.

Others that I'm already looking at for next year?
  • RI Half Marathon on May 1st
  • Lewis and Clark Half Marathon, Bozeman, MT on June 5th
  • Oregon Wine Country Half on September 4th
I'm really looking into fun, scenic races. If I wanted a boring race, I could stay here and run all the ones with loops down Allen Parkway and Memorial. I want to really be able to explore the city I'm visiting by way of running the race. Let me know if there are ones that I should consider for my list and if you want to run any of these with me!

I'm also in the process of getting talked into Marathon #2. I'm just not ready to commit yet.


  1. That sounds awesome! I would love to be able to travel for races one day...

  2. Destination running is always fun. Good luck with your training

  3. Hi, just found your blog! My husband and I did the Oregon Wine Country Half this year as a relay team. The expo was tiny and I thought the entry was expensive (that's why we did the relay, saved some dough). The wine tasting afterward was extensive and the town of Dundee really supported it well.
    Sorry this is so year I am planning to do the Eugene Women's Half on 9/4. My husband can't run it with me, but I think it will be more fun than the Wine Country Half.