Thursday, April 8, 2010


I hate when I don't feel comfortable running. Last week, my calves were cramping so bad that I went for a massage. After that, I ran great - everything felt great. I thought maybe I was out of the woods, but NO. Tuesday I went out to BON for my leisurely 3 mile run around Rice. My calves cramped again. But, I thought, plenty of water and rest and The Stick would work them out and I'd feel better.

Yesterday, I was supposed to run hills. It's my first week of training and I really want to stick to it as closely as I can this time around. I set off to find some hills in my neighborhood (which, btw, there aren't any) and my calves started seizing up so bad it was hard to walk. I'd jog a little to the point where I couldn't take the pain anymore and then I'd walk. All in all, I made it about 3 miles, but my calves are really worrying me. What do I do?

I know potassium is supposed to help with muscle recovery and cramping, so I'm doing what I can to up the intake of that. I actually got a smoothie with a banana in it for my afternoon snack today. Gasp! Did you hear me? I got a smoothie with BANANA. I think I'm loosing my mind. It's bad when I want my legs to heal so bad that I'll go as far as eating a revolting banana. I'm  not sure who I am anymore. I'm almost ashamed of myself for it, but if it works, I don't really care if I have to eat these disgusting, slimy, abhorent bananas.

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