Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

You'd think that for a 4 day work week that I would have gotten a little slack. Not so much. Between stressful meetings and our server going caput on us, it's been quite a hectic week. Finding time for my runs has been hard, but I've squeezed it in. So far my run streak is holding strong.

Tuesday - 2.25 miles with the dog
Wednesday - 2.1 miles solo (felt like crap, but managed to get out there even after my running buddy bailed on me)
Thursday - 3 miles solo

I've got another 3-4 miles planned for later today and then a 12 mile long run tomorrow morning. I'm starting to get the itch to race again. These long runs are getting up in mileage and I'm not even in training for anything. Maybe what I need is a good summer half marathon...Any suggestions?


  1. Love it when there's an itch to race! Good luck!

  2. I always need a race on my calendar in order to get motivated to run. Hope you will find a good race!