Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Fun Finds: Mission Skincare

Let's talk items I no longer want to live without. I read a few reviews on SkinnyRunner's blog a while back about Mission Athlete Care. She raved about a few of their products and I have to say I was intrigued but never enough to pay shipping and/or full price to try them out. Luckily for me, I found a special online that got me a little variety pack for a cheap price! My pack included sunscreen and foot sticks and other stuff, but I was most interested in this:

5 Hour Anti-Chafe Cream! I feel like I have the hugest inner thighs. All those ladies at the park that manage to run in Nike tempo shorts amaze me that they don't have a problem with chaffing. They suck. One of the reasons I love Lulu so much is that their turbo shorts and skirts are the perfect length for runners with big thighs like me. I've tried to make due with vaseline and body glide, but neither last very long before they need to be reapplied. This stuff is awesome. It's not greasy and it really does work for 5 hours (or atleast 4 1/2 during my marathon!). I've tried it around the bra area quite a few times for long runs and I'm amazed by it. So this past weekend I tried it out on the thighs in my shortest skirt.

This skirt was such a bad investment, but it was so cute I just had to have it. I NEVER run in it because I chafe so bad. Guess what? I ran six glorious, no chaffing miles in it thanks to the cream. This skirt has a new life in my lineup!

Also something that I've needed on longer runs and even more now that I'm biking - lip balm. Blistex is my favorite go to, but I haven't had much luck of it staying put while working out. This 15spf balm also came in my package and I love it. It makes my lips so smooth and it's still there after a 2 hour bike ride into the wind.

I have to say I'm very impressed and wish I would have tried these items when I first read about them.  It's too bad Mission didn't pick me to review them - I think I made a pretty good sales pitch.

Alright, off to get in another run - Happy Running!


  1. Where can I get a good deal on this stuff??!!

  2. Corey, I found an Active.com coupon deal on it a month or so ago. Pretty sure it's not still around, but I'll let you know if I see anything else!

  3. I love the picture of you posing wearing that skirt. Too cute!

    I have HUGE thighs - inner, outer, everywhere. :) And I bought tempo shorts but they don't work either. BodyGlide works to a certain extent. I have a cute skirt but of cos, it rides up and chafes. :) So I may have to scour the Internet for a good deal like you! :)