Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! I started Friday out with a great 4-mile run down Allen Parkway during lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day and only about 60 degrees. I finished the hilly run in just under 48 minutes, but I had a few walk breaks because my calves were cramping up. I spent a good amount of time afterwards on the foam roller trying to work out the knots. One of the trainers walked by and saw the painful look on my face and commented "It hurts so good, doesn't it?" I'm not sure if he knew the half of it - it took everything I had not to scream.

Friday night we drove up to Dallas and stayed at a friend's house. I was determined to get up and run on Saturday morning and not start off my training lazily. I knew I had to be in heels for most of the night, so I kept the run under 3 miles. I ran around my friend's neighborhood and around a couple of roads where I saw other runners. It wasn't a horrible run, but it was super hilly and super duper windy. There were moments when the wind was so loud coming through my ears that I couldn't hear my headphones! My calves were still cramping slightly, but I didn't have to stop for them this time. I finished the workout with abs, pushups and lots of stretching. I think it's time for a massage! I can't ever seem to keep the cramps at bay by stretching alone, but a massage always works wonders.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, hanging out with friends, and going to a wedding. I took lots of pics of the beautiful flowers at the Dallas Arboretum that I'll leave you with. Happy Monday!

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