Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bayou City 10K

Even though I haven't been training very much, I tackled a 10K a couple weeks ago. 3 of my friends signed up to do it too. We all started together, but of course there's always one in the group that pulls ahead. As much as everyone thought it would be me, it wasn't. Jersey pulled ahead and we didn't see her for quite a while. E and I managed to stay together and kept a pretty steady 10min pace for the first half. N is just starting to pick up running, so she didn't try to keep up with us. She just wanted to finish without walking. E's goal was to catch up with Jersey and at the turn around at halfway, she was about 1/2 a mile in front of us. We picked up the pace even though the sun was beating down on us and the temperature was rising. At mile 5.5, we headed up the last bridge and at the top, lo and behold is Jersey. We took either side of her and surprised her - she was not happy to see us. She knew she had started too fast but didnt' want us to catch up, she liked her lead. But she was struggling and needed us to pull her through. Me, being the one who usually has the energy at the end, told them both to hold on and just focus on my green shirt - I wouldn't let them stop.  With the motivation of St Arnold's beer at the finish, we crossed the line under 59 minutes. Jersey was so excited to complete her 1st 10K in under 60 minutes. N came in a few minutes later looking great - she had never walked. Congrats to all, and hopefully another one in the future!

Official 10K time: 58:36
1st 5K: 31:51
2nd 5K: 28:02
(I sure know how to pick it up in the end!)

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