Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BON Run #19

One of these days I'll run enough Tuesday night runs at Brian O'Neills that I'll earn my awesome pint glass. (It'll definately be one for the picture books!) Last night (after a long hiatus), I ran my 19th run there. None of my friends could make it, so I figured it would make for a good training run. I spent yesterday working on my new running schedule for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon, so I was in the mood. I targeted to run the Rice Loop at a 9:45 pace. I have never actually tried to pace myself for such a long period of time before. I think I looked down at my watch every 2/10ths of a mile or so! I kept catching myself going faster or slower and needing to adjust. I thought I would struggle to keep the pace since I haven't run at all since the 10K, but I got stronger at the end. I felt I could have kept going, but I feel I need to start slow.

Total Distance: 2.91m
Avg Pace: 9:45min/m

I hit the nail on the head with that one! Afterwords I got a text from my old running buddy who said she had seen me running when she drove by. Too funny. I asked her if at least I looked good and she said yes and congratulated me on my pace. Here's to an awesome running season (and no more snow in Texas)!

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