Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Building Strength and Smelly Workouts

I'm starting a new workout regime. Well, not too new, but challenging myself to be stronger so that I can get FASTER. I took a look at all the races I've done since I started running (check out if you haven't already) and realized I haven't done a 5k in almost 2 years. Woa! Turns out, I really do like the longer distances better and have been racking up in the 10k and half marathon departments. So it's time for another 5k. The goal: Heights 5k Run, June 4th.

The plan: Back to boot camp at least 3x a week. I'm cheap and don't want to pay for a boot camp, so I'm starting my own. Monday night I went out to the park next to my house and did 30 minutes worth of circuits that we used to do in boot camp over the winter. I finished off with a one mile jog to cool down. I thought at the time that the workout was easy, but 2 days later I'm still feeling it!

Yesterday I hit up the BON running club for what I wanted to be an easy 2 loop run. At the end of the first loop though, my legs were screaming and I called it quits with 3 miles. I can't complain, but I really wanted to get in 6 miles. What I do want to complain about though? My Providence race shirt. It's a men's fit, but actually fits fairly well (not like my RnR Mardi Gras). However, it SMELLS. It smells like rotten, burning eggs. So much so that when I picked it up at the expo, I refused to try it on. I wouldn't even wear it after the race with my medal like I usually do. I came home from the trip and washed the shirt twice. I put it on yesterday after work and headed to BON and I could smell it on myself. Even my sweat after the run did not mask the stink of the shirt! I like the shirt and really want to wear it especially since I'm so proud of my performance during the race - but how do I get rid of the smell??

On today's plate: Crossfit. Oh, help me now.


  1. Is it a shirt you really care about? maybe soak it in vinegar all night and wash the next morning? of course some colors may fade..


  2. I was going to suggest vinegar, too. I'd just toss some in with your rinse cycle.

  3. Vinegar.
    Baking soda?
    How about just air drying it in the sun?

    RnR Mardi Gras t-shirt wasn't a good fit. The shirt for my next half had an ugly sun-burnt/roasted pig on the front. UGLY!