Thursday, May 12, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. I must be crazy. I just signed up for a 10-day sugar free challenge! Oh, help my husband who will have to live with me during that time! See the side bar for more information about the challenge - and do it with me so I won't be miserable alone! Misery loves company :)

2. I didn't get my crossfit workout in yesterday. Turns out I had tons of errands to do before the weekend and it started raining. I did lift plenty of heavy boxes full of beer, so that should count as something!

3. My next half is finally on the calender - Rock N Roll San Antonio in November! It'll be an excellent girl's trip and I can't wait. (But, I definately need a few 13.1s before then!)


  1. Good luck on your sugar-free challenge! I did this for a week a while back and it really opened my eyes to how mush sugar I eat on a daily basis!
    Awesome about the girl's trip and half!!

  2. Crazy is right! 10 days without sugar!!!
    Well, I would join you but while I can somehow try and do away with the cakes and cookies, no one can take my ketchup away from me!!!

  3. You will have to let us know how the sugarfree thing goes. And that RnR race sounds fun. I really want to do an RnR race sometime.

  4. Hi, new to your blog.. nice to find another bayou city runner melting in this heat. :) And omg, cool that you're doing the SA rock n roll.. I totally wanna do that but.. yeah I can barely run 3 miles.