Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yasso 800s

I've been doing pretty good over the past week at getting in my running and still getting in some other workouts. I tackled a 7 mile long run on Saturday that went fairly well. It was definitely a struggle, but I expected it and managed to finish. I even joined Hubby on a bike ride later that day. He stopped at the park to do some exercises, but I played on the monkey bars and swing set instead. (I fit in great with all the kids!)

Since my next half marathon is in less than 3 weeks, I feel like I really need to step up my running. So I'm going back to the days of marathon training and thinking of sprints and hills. Yesterday, I attempted my first set of Yasso 800s. I was at the gym with Hubby and we started with an elliptical warmup and then leg weights. He moved onto arms, but I decided to hit the treadmill.

Warmup: 800 meters x 10:00min/mile pace
1: 800m x 8:00m/m, 400m x 10:54m/m
2: 800m x 8:06m/m, 400m x 10:54m/m

3: 800m x 8:06m/m, 400m x 10:54m/m

4: 800m x 8:00m/m, 400m x 10:54m/m

5: 800m x 7:46m/m, 400m x 10:54m/m

Cool down: 800 meters x 10:00min/mile

Not bad for my first stab at it! I really impressed myself. At first, I thought I would just do as many as I could, but after the first one I realized I needed a real goal so I didn't talk myself out of quitting too early. I set my mind on 5 and just kept going until I got there. My stomach wasn't quite in it, otherwise I might have made it one more. Maybe next week, we'll see. I definitely really enjoyed it!

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