Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Weekend slipped away

I had every intention of getting to bed early Friday night and waking early Saturday morning for my long run. Intentions are not always met. I ended up watching two movies and baking 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I didn't turn off the lights until after 1am. Oops. So, needless to say I decided to sleep in on Saturday. There's always Sunday for a long run, right?

Wrong. It rained on Sunday. I decided to brave it (since my gym is closed on Sundays there was no such thing as a treadmill for backup). I made it a mile from the house to Starbucks at the end of the trail. As I turned around to head back, the wind picked up tremendously and the rain got harder. By the time I hit 2 miles and was back around the house, I was cold, soaked and miserable. I decided to call it quits.

So instead of running my weekend consisted of this:

And lots of this:

But Monday came, and there was plenty of this:

(there was a whole mile before that but I forgot to send an email at work, so I ran downstairs to the office to handle it. Guess it pays to have your gym in your office building)


  1. It's great that you got the run in. :)
    I probably won't have done my Sunday run if it weren't for a running partner. He is a tough man, so, I can't be a typical chick. :)

    And chocolate chip cookies - YUM! YUM! Yum!!!!!!
    Are you ready for RnR Mardi Gras??