Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hilly Tuesday?

It's sitting at about 40 degrees here in Houston which means it's WAY too cold for this weeny to go outside and run. That and I didn't get up early this morning either. So what's that mean? Treadmill lunch run! Yay!

I tried to pump myself up for it all morning. Had a bagel and yogurt and plenty of water. My stomach was still turning in knots though because we just hate the treadmill. I put on my speedy South African soccer shirt and hopped on. I figured I'd test myself and actually try out a hill workout.

Wow that was hard! I took a pic of afterwards, but it only shows the cool down, not all the spikes from the jumps in incline.

That's my excited-for-finishing face. Look who forgot to take off their makeup before they started. Lovely raccoon eyes. I took a long cold shower after this, but I couldn't get the rid outta my face. Gotta love having to go back to work with a cherry red face. :)


  1. Good job!
    It's always harder on the treadmill .... :)

  2. I feel your pain with the red face and going back to work...happens to me, too! Great job on the run!!! :0)