Monday, August 2, 2010

Got plans for August 25th?

You do now! Join MCM Mama and all of her followers for a virtual race in honor of her 40th birthday! I've signed up for the 4 miler since it fits in with my training schedule. I love the idea of a virtual race, but I've never participated. There's no time like the present. :)

Happy Running!


  1. oooooo, I'm going to have to check that out! Nice job with your 16 miler!!!!!

  2. I signed up for the MCM Mama's master virtual race to:)

    I left you a comment under your Napa to Sonoma race report!

    Have a great day Kellie:)

  3. I'm all kinds of signed up for this goodie!

    way to go on your 16 miles, it's soo fun to see yourself progress each week! I clicked over from Abbi's blog, love the first timers group!

  4. Hey Kellie! I just found you through Abbie's Distance Dreamers and realize you are doing your first marathon of The Nike too! I am also training for that race. I am so exciting to find another friend that will be doing the same one. I will be following you on your journey over the next few months! Good luck!