Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7 Weeks to Go

Is it just me or is anyone else just ready to get their first marathon OVER with?! I think all the running and scheduling is starting to get to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the weekday runs. They are so relaxing and get me out of the indoors. But the long runs? I'm tired of them. I'm tired of the fact that I know say "oh, I'm only running 13 miles tomorrow - no biggie." Only 13? Since when did I say "only 13"? I need to step back here and remind myself that 13 is still a long run and still needs to be taken seriously.

Ok, off the soap box and onto fun things, I did run 13 miles this weekend. It was surprisingly slightly cool again here in Houston and it felt great. We had plenty of hills thru the course - great training for my marathon. I pushed myself a little harder than I would normally on a training run since I needed to be back at home before 8am. I think I made it home around 7:50 and jumped in the shower to wash the salt off of me. I put on new workout clothes, loaded the car with snacks and Hubby and I headed south. By 9am I was refueled and geared up on my new bike. The local mountain biking club was having a riding clinic and I was in desperate need of a beginner's course.

It was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten a few pics of me on the bike doing some of the skills, but like always, I forgot the camera. After about 2 hours of the leaders walking us through the skills and us practicing in a controlled environment, we headed out to a trail. I loved the winding through the trees and the curves and the roots we had to maneuver. All of it was great fun! I did not like, however, the many steep downhills on the second part of the course. I was exhausted by this point and walked every single downhill. Oh well. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to my next time out!

Alright, enough about mountain biking and back to running. I'm off to get in a quick 45 minute run before my class tonight. Enjoy your runs!


  1. I hear ya on those long runs! And I try not to down play the fact that I may be going on a 10 mile run even though it is very short compared to the 16+ runs. That is the joy of marathon training! Can you believe it... 45 days til NIKE? I'm excited and nervous but it's going to rock! Keep up the good work on your runs!

  2. Cool - isn't it great that almost everyone is in the came training cycle and their races will begin in the fall!

    It's like a secret zombie army waiting for a message to attack!

    I wish I had your pace!

  3. Nice job on the 13 miles! Keep up the great work and train hard!

  4. Ugh. I agree. Cannot wait to get mine over with. It's this big black cloud of fear and doubt right now... Great job on the 13 miles (especially in your crazy Texas heat).

  5. yes, i sooo want this to be over!
    when will it be over!!!