Friday, July 2, 2010

A preview

So, just in case there was any doubt about my post yesterday and how really dreadful it is in Houston right now, here's proof:

I took this pic right after my run last night. You can't even see the tops of the buildings downtown because the clouds are so low! We'll have to deal with this for at least another week, ugh.

But, on a better note, my run last night was awesome! It was only a light rain when I got home last night with no lightning or thunder, so I decided to run outside (yay! no treadmill). I think I've only run in the rain twice in my life - once was my first 10K which was completely miserable stormy and cold and second was one of my training runs for my first half. I had a 40 minute tempo run on the books. I planned to do my fast pace at a 9:00min/mile, but I was feeling so good that I managed an 8:45min/mile for the full 20 minutes of my tempo. It was definately one of my best runs in a while.

I'm totally pumped for my 13 miler in the morning. Only 2 more weeks until my half marathon in Napa!

Happy Running!

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