Thursday, July 1, 2010

I thought it was summer??

This rain is really starting to get me down! I thought June/July was supposed to be sunny and hot and beautiful, but no, damn hurricanes and rain. It has rained everyday here for the last 2 weeks, and guess what's in the forecast for at least the next week? Rain! I usually love living less than an hour from the gulf because the small rains we get in the summer keep us cooled off a little bit. But this is getting hard to take! It rains in the morning, it rains during the day, and it rains when I get off work. I was so pumped on Monday to come home and go for a run. I laced up my shoes and took off out the door only to be faced with sprinkles. Sprinkles that turned into a thunderstorm in less than 5 min. So much for that.  Tuesday morning I got pretty lucky (if you can call torture lucky) and we got to finish our last hill workout with clear skies and a gorgeous sunrise. But the evening hill training had to be cancelled because of the thunderstorms.

So here's hoping that the weatherman is wrong today and the skies will let up just long enough for me to power out a tempo run tonight. My legs are getting antsy and I'd hate to have to put them on a treadmill!

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  1. Ugh that is a bummer. We had some rainy summers in Florida that is for sure and so far Michigan has had a ton of rain too. Here's hoping for sunny days soon!