Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 Miles

I decided it would be a fine idea if I went out for dinner and wine last night, then met some friends up for drinks (water for me) until midnight. I couldn't have been more wrong. I got home tired, but excited about the run, so I slept like crap. It didn't help that DH came stumbling into the bedroom drunk and yelling at the dogs (of course they barked back) at 4am. All I could do was grumble and think that my alarm goes off in an hour. At 5am, I was so tempted to just lie there and go back to sleep, but I forced myself up headache and all. The temperature outside was nice and cool and slightly overcast. I forced down some cereal and gatorade and headed out the door. The majority of the group was planning an 8 mile run to downtown around the Astros stadium, then picking up any additional miles needed by running Heights Blvd. I aimed for doing 10. We set off along Dallas and right after I hit the first mile marker, my left toes started to go numb. I was doing what I knew I shouldn't and running a long run in my brand new shoes (which I've only run in 3 times). I was too lazy this morning to move my foot pod back over to my old shoes - bad idea. I managed to make it to the first water stop and sat down to remove my shoe. It took a good 4 minutes to return feeling to the toes. I watched as everyone drank water, took Gu and went on their way. I didn't think I could make the full route and finally put my shoe back on and headed off in the direction of my car. Then I noticed the girl I ran with last week across the street, and managed to talk myself into finishing (hey, my shoes had to be worn in somehow). So I crossed the street and joined her. I made it all the way down to the stadium and around it (man, I love that place). My feet were really starting to feel better by the time we made it to the bayou (the last 2 miles in to base). I think my shoes were finally starting to wear in and I quit loosing feeling and pulled my pace ahead a little. I felt great, tackled a few hills (my butt was screaming) and made it back to base in under 2 hours. Following the sidewalks along the bayou (instead of the street), I had added a mile to the course. All I needed was an extra mile around the base and I'd hit my 10. My garmin was yelling that my memory was full and refused to count any more miles. I should have just ran for another 10 minutes, but I was tired and it didn't occur to me. I stopped and joined the group stretching. 9 miles was good with me. I felt pretty dang accomplished figuring I had so little sleep (I even almost fell asleep driving home after the run - it's only a 5 mile drive).

By the way, I picked up a Carb-BOOM energy gel a few weeks ago during my Tuesday group runs. I'd been saving it for a long run to try it. Today was the day. I consumed it with water at mile 6. I've had a few different gels before and never been really turned on to any of them, but this one was actually good. I had the raspberry flavor - it was creamy, like a raspberry ice cream flavor (without being cold of course). I managed to gulp it down in 3 shots and even liked the aftertaste. My hunger pains subsided and my energy level increased (I even picked up the pace a little). I will definately be picking up a few of these next time I hit the running store. I'll have to try a few of the other flavors, although I can already tell the raspberry might be my favorite (the chocolate cherry is calling my name!).

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