Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fun

1. In my recent trip to NOLA for the Mardi Gras Half, I got to meet fellow blogger, Christina! If you haven't dropped by her blog yet, go now. She was such a sweet person and she ran a great race on Sunday, so be sure to congratulate her!

2. I have been following Janae for a few weeks now. That girl makes me laugh out loud! She says stuff that I think in my mind but never actually say because I can't seem to find the words (or let's face it - prolly too embarrased to say it!). Anyway, she has this obsession with sugar. I love sweet things, but I've never really been a candy girl. However as I find myself at work late at night, I have cravings for gummy bears and chocolate sprinkles and swedish fish (which I've never even had!). So my mission for the weekend? Hit up a candy store and stock up!

3. I am the captain of my relay team that is set to run the Texas Independence Relay on March 5&6. The team is put together, shirts are ordered, and race fees are paid. Nothing else has been done! I'm so friggin crazy busy with work that I get off at 9pm and go to bed only to wake up and do the same thing over. I'm so worried that we are not going to be organized or ready when the time comes! We don't even have vans lined up yet! Any advice from those of you who have participated in relays? No one on my team has ever done one, including me.


  1. I'm still on the couch. I have my running stuff on... just need to put on my shoes... hopefully we both make it out today... :)

  2. I did it!! Wahoo! Did you?? :)

  3. I'm of no help when it comes to the relay. Hope it all will work out fir you.
    Love gummy candy - especially peach rings!