Saturday, November 13, 2010


I finally went on my first post-marathon run today. It felt really good! My feet really missed pounding on the pavement and the wind in my face was so nice. For not having run in almost a month, I was surprised to see how fast I was running - and it felt pretty easy.  My lungs were the only thing that bothered me. The weather here has finally turned slightly cold and my lungs just aren't used to it yet. I'm sure after another few runs outside I'm going to feel great. Oh, and remember how I said Hubby tore his ACL? Yeah,  my right knee was having a few symapthy pains for him!

Happy running!


  1. I am glad that the post run went well for you. It does take a few weeks to really feel normal and have your full mojo back:) Nice job!

  2. Glad you finally got your post race run in! Thanks for your comments =) Although not watching the clock might be tough!