Thursday, October 15, 2009


My poor hubby has been working more than 12 hours a day trying to get his company caught up on all the stuff they've been selling lately. And, he's such a good hubby that when offered tickets to the Muse/U2 concert last night, he immediately offered them to me and a friend since he had to work. Now, I wasn't a huge fan of either bands, but it seemed like everyone I knew was going so I figured it was a show I shouldn't pass it up. Plus, I read an article about the stage that U2 was bringing and I really wanted to see it up close.

The thing is massive. It supposedly takes 4 days to set up and another almost 3 days to take it down. It was definately worth seeing. The black think in the middle is actually a bunch of TV screens and they could move the TV structure up and down and even spread it out so that it spread from the top all the way almost to the stage. The acoustics were designed for an outdoor stadium, so they opened the roof at Reliant and let in the nice muggy night air (it's rainy season in Houston).

There's a crappy picture of Bono on the TV and U2 on stage. They really did put on a great show. I'm now a fan of Muse (I just hadn't heard much of their stuff before the show) and I can respect U2 a little more. I still may not understand why everyone thinks they're so awesome (they do have a few good songs), but I had a great time and am glad that I went.

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